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Privacy Policy

Our commitment to patient privacy

Protecting your privacy is important to us. Under Ontario’s health privacy law, anyone who provides you with health services must protect your health information. That includes us. We have to tell you what we do with your health information, and in certain situations, ask permission before we get it, use it or share it. We are not allowed to collect, use or share health information if we don’t need to, or collect, use or share more information than is necessary.  

You can also ask to see the information in your record and ask us to change or correct it if you think there is a mistake. Under the law, we have to tell you if your health information is stolen, lost or if it’s been used or shared improperly.  

In certain cases, we also have to report the privacy breach to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (“IPC”). The IPC oversees compliance with Ontario’s health privacy law, hears and decides complaints about the handling of personal health information, and educates the public about their privacy rights.  

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